It’s our request to go through the privacy and policy carefully as it will help us to convey to you how we use your personal information. If in case, you do not agree with our privacy policies so we want to state it clearly that, this platform is not for you and if you are using this platform, so that means that you are agreeing to the agreement. We also want to convey, that we are very strict to our policies and time to time we have the full right to change it and it's your duty to view it. If there would be any change in the utilisation of your personal information so we will notify you. After our modification,  if you will continue to use this platform so that means you are agreeing to the modified policies.  So it’s a request to check the policy updates from time to time.

The glimpse of the Version

We are very careful with your personal information and to secure your information is our main concern. In any case, we will not link your personal information with third parties for direct marketing without your concern. We will not utilise your information except the points we have mentioned in this document, we will utilise it only for the need of the site and its upon you also what you want to share and it would be utilised for the mobile solutions - that means -that grant  you to buy, sell, share the information you want to share on the Site; to contribute on the forum; pay for products; post reviews and so on; or where we have a legal obligation to do so.

This solution only collects the information that you will provide us or the which you will share the other users and some common technical information which will be automatically received by our management, for example, IP address, browser information, cookies to improve the experience and more browsing experience.

In any case, we will not share the information which you have given us at the time of registration, it also includes your contact details.

You have full right to publish the information which you want to publish on the websites that can be whatever

Information that you choose to publish on the Site (photos, videos, text, music, reviews, deliveries) - is no longer private, just like any other information you publish online.

The information which is gathered technically by the systems or the third party systems. It can be utilised for the site operation, analytics, content promotion, analytics and to enhance the user experience. Rather than this, we can use your information or contact details to contact you with a motive to give you the notices which are related to your activities and to offer you the promotions and general updates.

The information we collected from you can be stored in any system which is in all over the world, and they can be operated by the third party service providers on our behalf. These third party providers can be located in the other countries and sometimes the utilisation of the policies could differ as due to the national boundaries, the policies decide on the behalf of the rules and regulation of the government rules.

Your legal rights over your personal information, by opening a LINK …. And if in case you don’t have any  NAME account so you can contact us at LINK. We have conveyed your  detailed rights

Here we have highlighted some essential points of the documents, whereas we request you to go through the whole document as it will clear your queries so we want you to read the information we collect, how we use it, understand the meaning of cookie and more in the detailed version.

Know in detail about the Privacy policies

We respect your privacy and assure you that users personal information is fully secure -  buyers, sellers, and visitors browsing the Site (“Users”). We understand that you have the full right to know where and how is your personal information is getting utilised. We record your personal information when you visit the site or use the platform. Here, we have explained our terms and policies. You visit or continuous use of the solution clearly states that you are agreeing to the policies of the sites which includes collection, use, disclosure, processing and retention of your personal information. You can also learn from this platform that how to limit sharing of information in this Policy.

Information we Collect

We collect the personal information, when the user register to the certain platform, in which we include the valid email address, facebook and google username. Along with this, we may ask with you for the additional information such as the physical address or your contact details and additional authentication information. We collect this information to provide you with the best service which you are looking for. you need (such as payment or withdrawal of funds, sending physical goods).

Furthermore, we want to convey that we record your information while you access, browse or otherwise use the platform. Hence, when you use the solution we are aware of the presence and we may gather, collect as well as record your information regarding the usage, which includes  location information, IP address, device and connection information, browser information and web log information and all the communications which are held by the users via site. We record this data to only improve your experience as well as to see how the site works and to prevent the solution from the fraud. We may also collect the data which is obtained by the third parties like demographic and navigation data.

To increase your online experience, we have implemented the impression reporting. When you are processed in viewing our adds we may gather user Global Unique Identifier, HTTP request data like, user agent, IP, host, URL, country/continent from which request made, browser info, device/operating system/operating system version.

 After the registration, your username and additional information which you filled at the time of registration will be visible to the users which are the part of this website. The information section includes your portfolio, rating photo and the additional information which you choose at the time of registration to add your profile.

How do we collect Information?

There is no other method to collect your information as you directly provide us at the time of registration on the site and by posting and sharing additional information. This information may include about the sellers and their Gigs. You can choose what you want to enable on your profile location, sharing of the portfolio, rating feedbacks as per your choice. We also collect the technical information indirectly and it is automatically connected to our system.

The solution records the information of logging your IP address, information of the operating system and software configuration and use of the cookies (Cookies are referred, to the small files which are sent from us to your computer even sometimes back). Whereas cookies help us to enhance your navigation and make your platform easy to use. You will get about the cookies policy in the below document. Cookies help us to improve the navigation and it makes the site easy to use. We may also get your information from the commercially available sources like the data aggregators and the public database.

 How do we use the Information collected?

We utilise your information under the relevant applicable laws, all process takes place of your personal information and it will be justified by a condition of processing. In the majority cases, the processing will be justified on the:

You have provided your permission to use your personal information for a particular purpose

We use your personal information where it is imperative and to perform a contractor to take some steps to deal with you in the contract.

The process is essential to comply in the form of a relevant legal obligation or regulatory obligations that we have.

 The process is imperative to support our interest as a business subject to your interests and fundamental rights and provided it is conducted at all times in a way that is proportionate.

Why we use your personal information?

We take your personal information to provide you the quality service and security. For example, we use your personal information which is collected at the time of registration to verify your identity and we use this information to make your profile and set up your account and to verify a password and in case if you lost your password so it will help to recover it. Even we can contact you from time to time. The information which we have that helps us to improve our services and to customize your browsing experience. As well as the information helps us to track the fraud and other inappropriate activities.

 To maintain the proper business records, and to comply with the lawful requests by public authorities we comply it with applicable laws and with regulations or otherwise, it is required by the law. If you ever deactivate your account the data will be for the limited period of time.

We will always ask for your permission before using your information if they would be out of our policy.

Direct marketing:

 We can use your personal information to share the direct marketing proposal about your products, promotions or services from our platform that you might be interested in it in the related service. This information you can get via Email, SMS, post, telephone or target online ads.  

 In the special cases our process of your personal information for the marketing purpose is on our interest, You have full right to prevent yourself from direct marketing. If you want to prevent you from direct marketing you can send the email to our support. 

 We prefer direct marketing very rarely and for the reasonable and at a proportional level and we send the proposal and messages only that which we find that you might be interested in.

 How long do we keep your information?

We only keep the information until we require it for the specific purpose, but in some situations, we can utilise your information for a longer period of time.

We may collect your information for the long-term purpose:

Till when it is imperative for our requirements

In other situation, we may collect your personal information to prevent the fraud, collect any fees, to sort the troubleshoot issues, to resolve the conflicts, to assist with any information, to fulfill the commitments of our site as well as to take the legal action as per our laws and regulations of the countries.

Below 13 years old children policy

This platform is not for the 13 years below children, below  13 years age children are requested to not provide their personal details on the site. We request the children’s guardians and to their parents to supervise on the activities of their children’s activities. If it will come to our notice that we have collected any personal information under 13 years age children, so in that case, we will immediately delete that information. If you come across with this type of case or if you find the case in your family so mail us immediately

Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

In any case, we will not share any of your personal information with the third parties for any marketing purpose without your permission.

We may use your personal information from the third parties (company)  to improve our services, content and ads. If you wish that you don’t want to involve in our marketing strategies so in that case, you can mail to us.

We will only provide your information to the third parties only to improve our services and to provide the service to you and to prevent fraud and illegal activities and for the applicable laws.

Here how we follow this:

We provide your information to the service providers to operate your account.CRM systems, forum hosting, community management services, mailing systems or technical consultants). These service providers will not use your information regularly and for there personal marketing strategy. We have a legal contract and process we share only that much that you have permitted us.

We share the information if we find that it is essential according to the laws so in that case, we have to, or to prevent the fraud and illegal activities. We disclose personal information to law enforcement authorities. We disclose them when to prevent personal safety.

We collect information to prevent it from the fraud and to secure the site as well as to secure from the unauthorized transactions claims or other liabilities.

There are chances to disclose your personal information, and it may be disclosed, if you to a business transaction such as a merger, sales bankruptcy or any other event.  

Where we store your data

As you provide us with our personal info it could be stored on our behalf with the third parties, suppliers and data processors in other jurisdictions, such as the United States and Israel as there laws and regulations are different from other countries. We will take every step for the data security as your data is really essential for us and it's our responsibility to secure it, in that case, we assure you for the security of the data.


We are sure that you must have heard about the cookies, which store the certain information on your computer and it also enable us to log in on the site, It is for to provide you with the best and effortless service and to test the user experience to provide best. According to the policy you are agreed to the terms and policies that you are allowed to store cookies on your computer.

The platform uses cookies to collect the statistical data, to alter the site preferences and to assist the various aspects of the site operations. Their files contain a large number of information. That you have visited on the page. The time you have spent on the site including the length and areas you have a review of the site.

In your system cookies remain on your device is detailed below:

The following is a more detailed explanation of the types of cookies we use:

Necessary Cookies:

These cookies are imperative and help you to navigate the site. This helps to support the security and basic functionality for the successful operation to maintain the site.

Functionality cookies:

It is to provide you with the best user experience, These cookies are, for instance, used to personalise content for you in line with your location. It helps to maintain the privacy feature, it handles the information which you want to share with the people or not.

Performance cookies:

It helps us to understand the behaviour of the user to the platform. It helps us to provide the best experience and helps us to convey the message which we want to deliver to our technical team to improve on the sections. It tells us how effective our site is. These cookies help us to convey where the user has spent his maximum time, These cookies collect the information to assist how the site works better. Some of the cookies are managed by third parties. For the overall experience, we use Google analytics cookies which uses performance cookies and targeting cookies.

Also, Google can utilise the information which is collected for the specific purpose on our behalf, it will compile the reports on the site activity and it provides other services also which are related to activity and internet data. Google will never mix your ID address with other data. You may refuse the option of cookies from the setting option. Additionally, you can prevent Google's collection and usage of data. This includes the opt-out cookies which save the further processing of your data. To know more about the information - google analytics cookies so visit the google helps page and privacy policy as well as  if you allow these cookies so we don’t take any guarantee  how will site perform

Blocking or Deleting Cookies

Once you have permitted to use the cookies then we can store the cookie on your computer or device for the further use, that we can know your choice as well as it saves your time on subsequent visits by eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same data, you can do the settings which can block all the cookies, those cookies are related to our service or that indicate when the cookie is set by us. You can change the settings through the browser settings, which all browser you use. We also want to convey that some of our services will not work if your browser does not accept the function of cookies. Whereas, you can prefer the cookies from the trusted sites in your internet browser.

The following links can be linked to your cookies setting and you can get the option of help for more details


  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Safari
  4. Abode

Your action will affect whether you accept the cookie or refuse the use of a cookie that will affect all the users of the computer or device.

The information related to deleting or controlling the cookies is available on the platform, many cookies can’t be function properly if your cookies will be disabled. Cookies can prevent you from again and again filling the username and password.   

 External Security

We care for your security and we maintain the platform as well as information and prevent it from using the misuse, loss, unauthorized access, destruction or damage to it through industry standard technologies and internal procedures. We ensure you, that if in case we have to provide your data to the third parties so we provide them in a very confidential and secure way. The way of transferring the data via the internet platform is not a secure way. Along with this, we will put our best efforts to protect your data and personal information. We can’t guarantee about the data which is transferred to the site and the transmission is your own risk. But once when we get your data so we will put our best efforts to secure it and use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent it.

Registered users are requested to keep their passwords confidential and not disclose such passwords with any third party.

More information about our data security practices can be provided on request.

 Right of the Users Under EU Regulations

There are some rights which are provided to the user under EU regulation, which is announced on May 25, 2018, You have all the following rights as related to your personal information.

You can request a copy of your personal information, and how the procedure of personal information held.

You can request to put the correct personal information.

To eliminate the personal information in a limited time, which is no longer essential to keep in the records.

You can restrict us by processing your personal information

We don't collect personal information for the purpose it was collected, it required the establishment, exercise or defence of a legal claim.


  • To challenge the processing which we have justified on the basis of our legitimate interest.
  • The decisions which are based solely on automated processing or profiling.
  • To have a duplicate copy of your personal information, or the copy transferred to a third party controller.
  • To receive a copy of or access to safeguards under which your personal information is transferred outside of the EEA.

In addition, you have full right to file the complaint with the supervisory authority for data protection. We may ask for the confirmation of the data for your security purposes, before disclosing the data you requested. We are allowed to charge the fees where the laws demand. We may also decline the request if you will ask for the others privacy of the data and if you ask for the other's privacy then it is against laws and can take any action even which is not mentioned here. As permitted by applicable laws, we may need to retain certain personal information for a limited period of time for record-keeping, accounting and fraud prevention purposes.

 Updating Your Information

We believe that the personal data which you have provided us is up to date and it is accurate too. We give you the platform where you can update the information through your account settings. If you feel any changes so please let us know about it. We will surely update your information section.  You can change the data via your account as well as we can help you out to sort the issues. If for any reason if you can’t edit your information so you can contact to support.

You can edit your detail via visiting your account page.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We have full rights to alter the terms and policies at any time. It's our request to revisit your page again and again. Have an eye on our page frequently. If you are visiting this platform again and again so it means you are accepting the privacy policy and this is considered as acceptance of agreement.

Contact Us

We request you to please full your correct information and ask for a customer relation ticket. It's our request to include all the relevant details, so your ticket can be handled correctly. If you don’t have an active account so please contact us at email.

If you have any confusion regarding this policy so mail us.