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Welcome to showlionkart.com.

It’s a request before using Showlionkart, please go through the terms and service carefully of this platform. While registration if you click on the acceptance of the terms of service, then it simply means that you agree to the terms of service of the privacy policy of this website. Hence you accept to be bound and abide by these terms of service.

If you disagree with the terms and service of this website, so it requests to not access or use this site.   

This platform is for the users who are of 13 years of age or older.  By utilising this site or by taking the service you represent that you are of legal age to form a contract and met all of the eligible requirements. If in case, you are not able to access to all these services, then you can contact to our customer support team which is available for 24/7, If you have any query regarding the site or terms of service, so you can contact to our support team.

Key terms

Gigs® are services, which are offered on the platform.

Sellers are the users who offer their services via Gigs on the platform.

Buyers are the people who buy the services.

Gigpage is the page where the seller can describe the needs and the service which they want t sell, and the buyer can buy the gig and create an order.  

Gig Extras are the additional services which are offered on top the seller’s Gig and it is the additional price which is defined by the seller.

Gig Multiples are the additional requirements of the different orders from the seller’s Gig.  

Gig Packages allow sellers to offer their services, in different prizes,       

Custom offers are the huge proposals, that a seller prepares as an agreement for the particular requirements of a buyer.  

Custom orders are requests that are prefered by a buyer to get a custom offer from a seller.

Orders are the formal and the legal agreement between a buyer and seller, after the buyer brought from the seller's Gig page.  

Order Page is a platform where  Buyers and Sellers communicate with each other

Disputes are those agreements which are not successful  

Revenue is the amount which sellers earn for completing the order.

Sales Balance is the clearance of the order which is completed for the seller and they can withdraw the gigs


 1) Only the registered service can utilize the service and registration is free.  

2) Some buyers prefer to pay in advance to register the account.

3) Orders use to accept after the accept button which is available on the Gig page.

4) It's a request, to sellers that they may not cancel the orders on a regular basis or without any reason.

5) Sellers account status depends on their performances and reputation.

6) Buyers access all the rights for the delivered work.

7) We have all the rights to access all the published work for marketing and promotion purposes.

8)We care for your privacy and this platform privacy is a part of the terms of service.



1) Sellers have to create the Gigs on the platform which allow the buyers to purchase their services  

2) Sellers may also offer the custom offers to buyers.

3) We will credit the account once the order is completed.

4) If the order gets cancelled then the fund will be refunded to the buyers.

5) Sellers are not allowed to utilise the gigs or promote the content.

6) Sellers can withdraw their revenue

7) The seller’s rating is calculated which is based on the order review,

8) We are fully permitted to disable the seller’s ability for some time for security purpose to prevent the platform from fraud and illicit activities.  

9) Sellers have to pay any direct and direct taxes, including any GST, VAT or otherwise, which may apply to them depending on residency or location


Gigs can be disabled from the platform if in case we found any case from the below point:

Illegal or Fraudulent services

Copyright information


Many copies of Gigs

Spam, useless or violent gigs

The Gigs misleads to buyers

Reselling of the regulated goods

Gigs that removed due to violations or mentioned above can result in the suspension of the seller’s account.  

1) Gigs which are removed can’t be restored or edit.

2)Gigs can also be removed from our search bar due to poor performance

3) Gigs may include the pre-approved the site URL

4) The gig is required to have the relevant image of the service.  

5) Gigs can contain the  one  video

Gig Extras  

1) These are the additional service which is given on the top of the seller’s Gig for an additional price.

2) These can be removed if the cause occurs for the violation against our terms of service.

3) The price of each gig is based on the seller level.

4) Services which are offered via Gig Extras must have the connection with the base service.

5) This should be cover the extra categories.

6) Sellers can extend the duration of the order.


We give the chance to the sellers to enhance their skills and we empower them with the helpful tools to grow their business. If sellers give the best service and get the satisfaction of the client so we will provide them with the special opportunities, benefits and tools including high quality and rating.

Top  Rated Sellers

1) Top rated sellers are chosen manually our editors and all depend on the seller’s work and their ratings.

2) Once the sellers who get the opportunity to be in a list of Top rated they have to maintain their reputation if their ratings or stars decrease so they may lose their standard.

Pro Sellers

1) Pro sellers are the pre-verified professional, they are open to everyone and they are new to the platform.

2) They may take time to build their status  

Seller Features

Sellers have various rights to access the several exclusive features

Custom Offer

1) The seller can send the custom offers which address the specific requirement of a buyer.

2) The offer is defined by the seller with the description of the service.

3) Offers are sent from the conservation page.

4) Services should not affect the conversation page.

5) Service from anywhere

6) This platform allows users to send custom offers even from outside.  

7) Services which are offered via this platform should under the terms of service.

8) If a user wants to purchase the service on this platform so, it is essential that they should be the member of this platform and in case, if they are not so they should register themselves.

9) Communication regarding our service should be done on this platform only.

Stock Images

1) Gigs are enabled to have the option of the stock images.

2) Gig image ads preference for the buyers to choose from an exclusive catalogue of images as part of the final delivery of work.

3) The one image can be used only one time.

4) If the order gets cancel so you will not able to use the stock image.

By using the stock image, you showcase and warrant for the following

You are not allowed to sell, modify, resale or reuse includes display the use of the stock image.

The image may be excluded

1)on a stand-alone basis with no other content;

2)For unlawful purpose

3) Multiple copies of the same Gig.

4 ) For sharing the price or image file

5) Logo trademark service another platform branding

6) Controversial Subject

7) No ownership should display on the image

The user can contact the customer support

Shipping Physical Deliverables

Some of the services are delivered physically which includes arts and crafts, collectable items. For these items, sellers have to decide the shipping charge  for local shipping (within the same country) and for international shipping (anywhere else)

Printing Services

Some of the services can be physically delivered such as

 (Business Cards, Canvas/Poster Prints, T-Shirts, Flyers, Stationery, etc.).

1) Buyers use to have the printing service which requires physical delivery and they will ask to provide the address

2) The printing service will be required for the delivery of the work and you have full right to know all .about it.  

3) After the completion of the order buyer will receive the email which contains the printing order.



  1. You are not allowed to offer direct payments to the sellers outside the platform
  2. This platform has the right to take the information on the work for marketing and promotional purposes.


1) Buyer pays to the platform to create an order from a seller Gig’s pager or from the custom offer by clicking the user button.

2) Gigs may be bought by the various payment methods: Credit card, pay pal

3) Service can be added to the review of the final bill, these fees cover the administrative bills.

4) If you have the amount in your platform so it will be added to your next purchase.

5) In various location, we may charge in their local currency. Hence, local currency prices may change daily in accordance with exchange rates fluctuations.

6) You are not allowed to ask with the sellers to pay by any method except this platform.



  1. Buyers may be charged with the indirect taxes such as VAT and GST and all other depends on the location or any applicable law.
  2. Buyers should be agreed and responsible with all the tax requirements

Withdrawing Revenues

1) To withdraw your amount, you must have at least one account with us.

2) Your one account can be attached with only one account.

3) Revenue will be withdrawal only from the revenue page so it would be easy for us to maintain the records.

4) To complete the revenue process we need up to 15 days.



1) You should not offer the direct payment to the buyers out of this platform

2) We hold the full right to utilise all the publicly published delivered works for the promotional and marketing purpose.

3) Buyers can also request  a particular service from the  request feature as per a shopping dashboard

4) If you have any issue so you have full right to contact us.


1) Buyers have to pay us to create an order from a seller’s Gig page or custom offer by using the order button.

2) Additionally, buyers can request for a custom order which addresses the specific buyer requirements.

3) Buyer can buy the Gigs by any of the method credit card, PayPal or by credit.  

4) We have full right to add the service charge and mostly we add when the buyer purchases the service or review the bill. These fees cover the cover the administrative fees.

If you have any fund in your account so it will automatically be deducted from the service of next purchase.

1) At some place, we charge the users through their location.

2) You are not allowed to make payment other than this account.

3) To prevent the platform from the fraud and illicit activities we don’t collect the credit information, but our payment vendors can do so as they have full right for collection the payment information.

By utilising any payment method or by providing the details for purchasing the service you warrant that:

  1. You are legally authorized to provide such information
  2. You have full right to make the payments by payment methods.
  3. The actions like violate any applicable laws. doesn’t this

 Business Tools

1) Business Tools helps the team to manage the purchase and projects. Through business Tools, Buyers are able to create and manage the business team in which all the members use a payment method.

2) When we invite a buyer to the team so the administrative to such buyer to use the team’s shared payment method.  Business teams may be subject to a monthly budget limitation, as defined by the administrator even the administrator has the authority to invite and remove the buyers but a buyer can’t delete the account.

3) Buyer always has to confirm their invitation to a business team before joining. The point to be noted that all the business members have access to information about a purchase made within the team through the shared payment method.

4) Invoices will be generated by the buyers by using the team’s payment method that will be issued solely, as per the billing information which was fixed by the administrator.


  1. The taxes will depend upon the buyers' locality, the taxes may include such as VAT and GST, and as per the rules and guidelines of the applicable laws. The taxes will be added to the GIg price which is shown on Gig Page.
  2. Buyers should get agree to the tax requirements which is applicable to them.



1) Once the payment will get confirmed, you will be able to create the order and you will get the unique number.

2) Sellers should deliver the complete files or proof of their work by using the deliver work button.

3) If you click on deliver button click it after reviewing if the work leads to an incomplete project so it will result as the cancellation of the product and it may affect the seller’s rating.

4) The order will be marked as complete after it is marked delivered as well as when it will be rated by the buyer. If there would be no comments or edition until 3 days, so it will be marked as delivered.

5) We always encourage our buyers and sellers to solve their conflicts among themselves if it doesn’t work then they can contact us on support.

Handling Orders

1) When a buyer order a Gig then the seller would be notified by the E-Mail as well as a notification on the site.

2) Sellers are requested to meet the deadlines of the projects y specified when creating their Gig.

3) Sellers are requested to sell the complete files along with the proof of work.

4) Users will be responsible for the transfer of the project, we are not responsible for any harm or damage, the virus which can be affected via transfer files.

5) A Seller can cancel an order without the permission of  the buyer’s consent at any moment, on the other side this can give a negative effect to the seller’s status


1) Reviews by the buyers are an essential part of the platform of the rating system. Reviews demonstrate the buyer’s overall experience which represents buyers sellers and their service.

2) Feedbacks reviews will not be removed

3) Its a request to not misuse the feedback review system.

4) The feedback comments which will be provided by buyers will be displayed publicly on a seller’s Gig page even buyer have an option not to include a comment but they can rate the service.

5) Work samples include the delivered images and videos which are sent to the buyer in a delivery message and work samples will be added to a seller’s live portfolio on their portfolio.

6) The buyer can post their review, once the work is delivered then the buyer has approx three days to respond and post a review if the buyer will not respond then the order will be considered complete.

7) Users are permitted to leave the reviews on the orders up to 30 days after the order is marked as complete. After 30 days no reviews can be marked.

Disputes and Cancellations

We prefer that customers should sort out the issues among themselves and if the conflict doesn’t sort out among themselves then we are for the support and users can contact us.


1) An order can be cancelled on the platform.

2) The disputes regarding the payment or any illicit activities can lead to the disabled of the account.

3) If the buyer and seller find the dispute regarding work so they can utilise the site’s dispute resolution tool to resolve the matter.  

4) We reserve full right to cancel the order or place funds hold for any suspected fraudulent transactions made on the Site.

5) If the order will get cancelled then the fund will be refunded to the buyer’s shopping balance.

6) Sellers may determine the number of revisions offered to buyers, including no revisions.  

Order Cancellations

  1. We encourage buyers and sellers to resolve their dispute mutually.
  2. The offers can be cancelled at any time.
  3. Eligibility for requests to Showlionkarts to cancel an order will be assessed by our Customer Support team based on a number of factors, including violations to our Terms of Service, general misconduct, and improper usage of the showlionkart delivery system. See below for Order specific eligibility.
  4. Completed orders (or, where applicable, completed milestones) may be cancelled, upon review of our Customer Support team, up to 15 days after the order (or Milestone) is marked as complete. Please be advised that orders cannot be partially cancelled (i.e. we can only cancel the entire order when it is justified).
  5. In rare circumstances where we find it appropriate, our Customer Support team may cancel a completed order even after 15 days have passed from its completion. In such cases, the amounts paid for the cancelled order will be returned to the Buyer’s showlionkart Credits and will be deducted from the Seller’s showlionkart Credits or, if there are no sufficient amounts in the Seller’s showlionkart Credits, from future revenues of such Seller.
  6. Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received
  7. Orders are not permitted to be cancelled on the quality of service or material delivered by the seller. Buyer may rate the experience with the seller.
  8. Buyer and seller can contact anytime to the customer support.
  9. If any illegal activity comes across then the Customer Support team may result in the order being cancelled.

We can cancel the orders in the following case:

1) If the seller gets late and unresponsive more than 24 hours while the order is marked as late.

2) If the user gets abusive to the third party through threats of low ratings or spreading personal materials such as personal information.

3) If the user is not an active user due to the terms of service violations.


1) showlionkart does not automatically refund payments made for cancelled orders back to your payment provider. Funds from order cancellations are returned to the Buyer's showlionkart Balance and are available for future purchases on showlionkart. Until Feb 1, 2019, funds returned to your showlionkart Balance from cancelled orders will not include service fees paid. As of Feb 1, 2019, showlionkart returns service fees to your shoe Balance once an order is cancelled. In any event, if the service fees were not returned to your showlionkart Balance following an order cancellation, such service fees’ amount will be exempted from your next purchase on showlionkart.

2) Deposit refunds, when available from the payment provider, can be performed by our Customer Support team (based on the Order’s original payment currency). To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the total amount of times users can request a payment provider refund from their account which is subject to review by our Customer Support team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee. 

3) If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway name payments refund will be made to the same account.

User Protection

Our foremost priority is your protection on the platform, we assure that we can provide you with the best protection. Our focus is to provide a platform which is friendly and professional

1)To protect our users and their privacy is kept anonymous.

2)We refuse the requests for providing a Contact number, Skype Id and other personal information.

3)If there is any necessary personal information then it can be changed within the order page.

4) We don’t give any guarantee of the level of service which is offered by the buyers.  

5)We don’t provide any protection outside the platform.

6)All the exchange of the files and data must be performed on an exclusive platform.

7)Any abusive and improper violent messages will not be tolerated and it may result in account warning.

8)This platform is open to everyone, everyone can use it.

Reporting Violations

If you come across with any content that violates our terms of service then you should report to us. All the reviews are checked by our team


A user may receive a warning on their account for the violations of our terms and service. A warning will be sent to the user's Email address and will be displayed for such user on the Site. A warning doesn’t limit the account activity but it can lose the account.

Non-Permitted Usage

1)The user is not allowed to exchange any audit service & Pornography.

2)Inappropriate behaviour & Language is not tolerable.  

3)Users are not requested to keep the platform friendly.

4)We take the spam matter seriously.

5)Users are clearly requested to not ask for any personal contacts.

6) Users are requested not to make any false profile.

7)Intellectual activities will be reviewed.

8)Don’t use any useful law.

9)You are requested not to use the multiple accounts. 10) We don't support users who engage in the abusive language.

 11)You can’t sell the account of this platform.

Contact Us:

If you have any issue so you can contact us by support or mail us.